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tv   James O Keefe Breakthrough  CSPAN  October 13, 2017 11:43pm-12:01am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] . >> how did you get started?. >> i got started at rutgers university and college i was grounded by political correctness and i was
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outraged it was very upsetting and it incurred me the lack of freedom of thought and expression on the college campuses and things have gotten worse but it was a contempt and the acre of injustice rutgers university. >> was there is an incident that sparked it?. >> at rutgers they had three strokes that sold sandwiches at offensive names so what was called the of fat bitch and there was an outcry to sensor the names of the sand ridges. they also crossed off lucky charms but the officials of
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the university took it seriously. so the video when fire role in 2005. >> host: you were in new orleans that is toluol bid your book "breakthrough". >> being arrested. there is a lot of misinformation and i showed my real driver's license i was not pretending to be something wasn't but was arrested by the authorities said they were going to let me go but when they found out i was james o'keefe who did the story of acorn involving the pimps and prostitutes they conjured up a crime against me. just by false pretenses it would be another conversation but they came up with a felony in the majority of the book talks
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about the abuses of power of the government follow the prosecutors eventually resigned in disgrace leaking things to the press about me but which was the abuse of power because it taught me it is a shot to go to that experience to be careful the only thing i adversaries have against me was a misdemeanor to be in a federal building. it was the abuse of power by the federal government in louisiana. >> host: why the name "breakthrough"?. >> so much of what we do circumvents the mainstream media but to be out in front of people it is very hard to break through these days.
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cnn did not mention a word about it so that notion to be on the front page of "the new york times" and number one and trending saying on the twitter there is a chapter id "breakthrough" about a congressman and son and then it crescendos on twitter and on facebook and the powers that be at "the new york times" that they need for the mainstream media to talk about something that they don't. >> you consider your politics to be conservative?
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>> when andrew breitbart died it was all about imposing justice to be the counterbalance. and then to be modified -- to be motivated so it is right wing and the government spending money. and with that innuendo as i am a convict or right wing. so the chicago sun times andy he's a number of times. or we will never win awards. >> with 40 or 50 years ago
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the means of distribution i would not characterize myself as right wing. and i cannot change the nature of reality i'd done deal of characterization's a word descriptions but imposing the world as it is. >> so if you look at those specific criticisms katie couric has been sued for defamation the washington post retracted a headline. i never had to make a retraction. there is nothing else for them to say but i have the mainstream media to print hundreds of corrections about me never in my career
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made a mistake there rises to the level they have made mistakes by the way the mainstream media use anonymous sourcing. item number problem with anonymous sources but you cannot do that always to make your point you have to use them sparingly and be credible. "the washington post" literally had to retract his had led about me three weeks ago that james o'keefe selectively edited this but i did not. that the producer from a man to retracted that why don't they say that? he actually did retract his article. so to look closely at the fact i never specifically said that they do choose ad as a characterization this is one of the things i am
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fighting. >> host: will those tactics were?. >> they are eager miss lee effective i just moderated a panel here after invest and to appeal to the self-interest. he did not appeal to the christian ethics but the self-interest how do we give power to these people and many of the things that he wrote it was taking power away from haves and giving them to the have-nots. the initiative is similar as the mainstream media does not give you information. george stephanopoulos said is not even possible to commit voter fraud. so we're saying it is possible and it is true.
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>> i think saul alinksky was effective and appealed to that antagonistic wedded did your self-interest to pit groups against one another? title vacated is left or right or dogmatic but to accept a the world that it is of the way human beings operate i think he was a major contributing reason why these churches are democratic voting blocs that is my read on the situation. but a little vague he was dogmatic. >> host: is there any concern is there the unfairness if people are not aware?. >> i don't believe so.
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it is of the extreme public interest i think it was earthshaking to but the producer on tape to say the co0 that to drop the investigative journalism to all the focus on us is all about money. to what people wear secretly recorded in elevators? probably not but it is the extreme public interest. i will never going to someone's private bedroom. one guy was did the hotel room the attorney general of maryland i tried to avoid the personal sexual nature but talking about matters of extreme interest they've rented a bar for what your
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id chicago putting his the cameras for one year at this bar the recorded all of these conversations and wrote about them with the bribes and kickbacks. so it is a powerful tool to take responsibility but you have to use it sparingly but if you wanna talk about deception in selective editing look no further than an anonymous sources. we cannot see what they're saying. we don't know that information. antitrust that reliability of the institution. >> how many projects does project veritas have?. >> i cannot say that. more than one but the main target is the media. whenever i make up promise i
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deliver. we said we would expose the mainstream media and we did. but the media is not doing its duty to come to terms it is all about money the laziness and the greed and the lack of courage. >> could you write about in "breakthrough"?. >> there is an individual working with the political operation to sabotage need a personal way and those who try to set me yet. the result chapter from her she tried to create a false accusation to create
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evidence this is why people don't do what i do because you are falsely accused. yes we use it'd cameras and repose but we do not manufacture or create false evidence i wish the film happened that night because it would show something else but that is not how people work. they are very mock the valley and. and andrew breitbart said there is an interest to not humanize. touche o that i am passionate but they don't want to do that they want to make me seem like a criminal or the evil person. these are the battles i have learned to be arrested or
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targeted. and to give some hope so let's join together talking about bringing more journalists on board. they will not shut us down. >> how is project veritas funded?. >> we're a nonprofit more than half come from contributions. qdoba ito's us what to do of public-interest and i would challenge that you ask any of the anchors on these networks why the stories lead so heavily to the left? and like her i do not take a political position.
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so that is what we are funded and how we stand for. >> some of these death threats that you might get paranoid?. >> host: general. >>. >> i used to be pretty the live. but any time in that occupation but they are significant and serious and then to you shut us down. and i take it very seriously. and what we're doing as a precaution. i cannot get into the
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details but it will be by the end of this year. and those we have coming out after labor day is the next big bombshell of the mainstream media we have the tapes already we are getting more and they are secured and that they about this the series is called american province for girl -- providence. although the networks to embargo the materials they spiked the story or canceled at the last minute because they were afraid of retaliation by the government. . .
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